Friday, August 14, 2009

Meaning of Live-in relationship in present context

When globalisation knocked us in early nineties, our country opened doors for western culture, ideas and lifestyles. Right from its beginning, globalisation has been influencing us in many different ways. Live-in relationship is one them plays a vital role in our life. Live-in relationship means to a lifestyle in which couples live together without getting married or without any social recognition of relationship. It is still considered an awful act in Indian contrast, but in metro cities, it is not a rare phenomenon.

Although, live-in relationship still has different meanings for different people. In some cases, it is not a wonder and couples do not has to face peculiarity, but others have experienced with confusion of public about the relation because they are living together without getting married and discard, angriness, violence by both family and society.

Of course, it is all about the human rights and in modern world we are more opened to proceed as per freeness of rights we have been given. But it is also a truth that live-in couples do not have strong support either from society or government. In fact there are lots of obsessions which have to be proved and validated before we can say a live-in relationship right or wrong.

Many grounds are there, on which a live-in relationship is tracked. In some cases, couples live together because they are in love and want to expend more time together plus they also want to bear out that whether they are well matched for each other? Some couples move for live in relationship because they don’t want to bind themselves in marriage or even don’t want to get married.

A number of couples promote live-in relationship because they don’t believe in long- term relationship and want to be free from any commitment. Some couples figure-out that their partner is not a suitable match for them but they want to keep the relation sustain until they find suitable partner. Some couples have very different respond for live-in relationship like they can save money if they live together.

However, live-in relationship is a matter that does not have any background or field of experience thus could be called moderate. It still requires a judicial and social explanation so could be called correct or incorrect in Indian context.

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